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Tree Trimming Coral Springs , FL

No matter what types of trees you have, they need to be trimmed from time to time. This helps get rid of sick branches, overgrown bushes, and unwanted clutter.

Ultimately, the benefits of tree trimming are endless.

In fact, here are the top 3:

It improves your tree’s appearance

Since branches sometimes grow unevenly and at awkward angles, if you don’t trim your trees, they will end up looking misshapen and unbalanced. Not only is this outcome really annoying, but it can really affect your property’s appearance.

It adds a layer of safety to your property

During a severe storm, dead branches can easily fall on your property or house, causing unforeseen hazards. For one, these branches can damage your house and even fall on someone and injure them. Alternatively, they could fall on the property and trip anyone passing by. And as if that isn’t bad enough, they could even obstruct the vision of someone driving by.

But even without there being a storm, there is another safety hazard that untrimmed trees pose; they sometimes grow too close to utility lines and start interfering with them

It improves tree health

Believe it or not, trimming improves tree health. For instance, thinning a tree’s crown increases airflow, significantly strengthening it. Without such trimming services, your trees could get weaker and weaker and eventually die.

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When it’s time to call us

If you’ve been wondering whether it’s time to get some professional trimming done, here are some signs you should look out for

  • The tree branches are getting too close to your home
  • There are a lot of dead and loose hanging branches
  • The trees are getting close to power lines
  • The trees have not been trimmed for more than 3 years

Our trimming services
Just like haircuts, no two trims are the same. There are different trims for different cases. Here are the ones we do

Crown thinning

This involves removing smaller branches at the outer crown to create a uniform foliage density. It is usually only done on broad-leaved species. More importantly, it reduces wind resistance and increases sunlight penetration and airflow. However, it has no effect on the tree shape and size.

Canopy raising

This involves either removing the lower branches of a tree or preparing them for removal in the future. It increases accessibility to the area under the crown and light transmission to the areas near the tree.

Crown reduction

This is simply the reduction of the crown’s spread and/or height. This is popularly done to reduce the amount of mechanical stress on a tree or its branches. Moreover, it can also reduce the effects of shading.

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