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Tree Planting Coral Springs , FL

Of all the services we provide, there is none as fulfilling as planting trees. There is just something satisfying about it; it almost feels like we’re creating a new life. Needless to say, we take this job very seriously. So much so that we ensure that all our arborists are highly trained and certified.

 Why you should hire a professional to plant your trees

While it may seem like an easy task, properly planting trees requires some expertise. Otherwise, a lot of things could go wrong. Some common mistakes include

The tree is planted too deep

This makes the tree’s bark deteriorate, especially at the soil line. Eventually, this can kill your plant.
Tree selection and placement is off

Ideally, you should plant a tree that is native to your region. This is beneficial to both you and the wildlife in your region. Not only are native trees well adapted to the climate, but they are also more resistant to local pests. All things considered, native trees have higher chances of survival.

It is also important to place your trees properly. For instance, they need to be 8 to 10 meters from your house. Also, the trees you plant shouldn’t be too close to each other


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The tree hole is too small

Planting a tree in a small hole doesn’t give it enough space for its roots to properly develop. This leads to an unhealthy root system and general instability.
The tree is planted at the wrong time of the year

This could lead to a variety of complications. For one, your tree could germinate and die prematurely. Alternatively, it could delay germination and go dormant until conditions are favorable. And if worse comes to worst, it could refuse to germinate at all.
Improper watering

While overwatering a tree can suffocate its roots, underwatering it can cause off-color undersized leaves and sparse canopies.

How we plant your tree

Due to our years of experience in tree planting, we have come up with a fool-proof way to do it. This involves

Site preparation

Before we do the planting, we prepare the site and ensure that the root ball is well watered. Moreover, we ensure that the tree we are using is kept under shade until the planting time arrives.
Hole digging

At this stage, we dig a wide and deep hole that can accommodate the new tree. As a rule of thumb, we always dig a hole that is 1.5 times wider than the diameter of the root ball. We also ensure that the hole is deep enough to accommodate the height of the root ball.
Plant the tree

For maximum development, we usually place the tree at the center of the hole. We also cut away any twines, burlap, or nylon to expose the root ball. And if we’re dealing with bare root trees, we always make sure that the roots are spread evenly in the hole.

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