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Tree maintenance Coral Springs , FL

You know what? You don’t have to wait for things to get dire to hire some professional tree services. In fact, to ensure that your trees grow healthy and strong, you need to get regular maintenance services done. Fortunately, this is where we excel; our tree maintenance services are the best in Coral Springs.

Our services

At Coral Springs Tree Services, we offer a variety of maintenance services including

Leaf removal

While popularly overlooked, removing dead leaves from your property helps your trees - it prevents disease spread. And that is why we offer these services to any clients who request them.


When you’re constantly dealing with dead branches or those growing in the wrong direction, it’s time for a pruning session. Not only does it help keep unwanted growth at bay but it also promotes good overall tree health. When pruning, we usually use saws, shears, and trimmers.

Pest checking

If you want us to, we can come over and check your trees for any pests and diseases. This way, we can catch any problem before it spreads. During these inspections, we usually look out for thinning, damaged leaves, and holes in the branches.


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Soil testing and adding of fertilizers

  1. Just in case you didn’t know; the health of your trees is highly dependent on the health of your soil. As such, it is important to regularly test your soil and add fertilizer where necessary.Comprehensive tree care plans
  2. If you’re looking for consistent and long-term maintenance services, you should sign up for our comprehensive tree care plan. Under this service, we create a customized all-year-round maintenance plan to ensure that your trees grow up to be healthy and strong.

Tree cabling

When trees lean, have cracks or have V-crotch stems, they could benefit from some cabling. In this process, we use cables to stabilize a tree’s structure. This is usually done for the purposes of restoration or mitigation of structural risks.

Apart from the initial installation of the cables, we can also do inspections throughout the year to ensure that the cabling is intact. During these inspections, some of the things we look out for include slacking, fraying, and hanging limbs.

Tree wrapping and staking

If you have some young trees, we can help you take care of them. For one, we can wrap your trees to protect them from the sun or cold. In this process, we use specialized tree wraps and ensure they are applied properly; not too tightly nor too loosely. Moreover, we also do staking; a process designed to keep the roots of young trees from being rocked by the wind.

We’re always ready to help
Regardless of whether your trees are young or mature, we can provide the necessary maintenance services they need. Our arborists are not only highly-qualified but they also have state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that they provide high-quality services in the shortest time possible.

So if you’re ever in the need of tree health maintenance services, do give us a call. Our customer care representatives are always eager to hear from you!