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Brush Removal Coral Springs , FL

Are you tired of seeing that brush on your lawn? Or are you looking to clear out your property completely? Either way, we can help you out. Our brush removal services are top-notch. We leave your property looking crisp and neat in the shortest time possible.

So no matter which part of Coral Springs you live in, just give us a call. We’ll sort you out in no time

Benefits of brush removal
Honestly, there are many advantages to removing a brush. These include

It improves aesthetics

Removing brushes is a good way to increase your curb appeal. It makes your property look neater and more beautiful.
It hinders pest growth

One of the most undesirable qualities of brushes is the fact that they allow for the accumulation of dead branches and debris. This provides a conducive environment for the growth of pests and disease. So if you’ve noticed a lot of death and debris around a brush, it’s time to remove it.


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It frees up space

Sometimes, removing a brush or two is all you need to do to free up some space for your next lawn project.

The ways we deal with brushes Depending on what you’re comfortable with, we have several ways we deal with brushes. These include

Hauling them away

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of brushes. We just have to load our truck properly and we’re good to go. For easy loading, we usually place a Y-shaped branch at the bottom of the pickup truck and load the rest of the branches into the open part of the Y.
Mulching them

If you’re looking for an organic brush removal method that will nourish your soil, mulching is the way to go. For this process to be effective though, we usually turn your brush into wood chips that you can then use in your garden. Since we have the necessary expertise in this sector, we can do it safely yet quickly.
Burn them

While we don’t recommend this disposal method, we can burn your brushes if we have to. Fortunately, the state of Florida permits this as long as a few safety requirements are fulfilled. For one, the burning must be done between 8:00 AM CST and one hour before sunset.

Secondly, the fire should always be attended to and there should be fire extinguishing equipment on site. Additionally, there are some conditions that the location must satisfy, all of which are clearly stated on the Florida Department of Environment Website.

While it may seem like a lot of work, we can legally and efficiently burn your brushes for you if you prefer this route