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We are a Coral Springs tree trimming company with years of experience providing expert and timely tree removal for our valued customers. We have invested in top notch equipment to make projects efficient without sacrificing quality. Our team is fully insured, licensed and certified- protecting you from any liability that may arise during the process.

At Coral Springs Tree Care Company, we understand the importance of proper tree care. We know how it feels to need urgent tree removal trimming, or even planting and greatly sympathize.

As such, we are always eager to help, sending our best experts to you within no time.

No matter which part of Coral Springs you live in, we can reach you in a matter of minutes. So if you’re finally ready to start taking more care of your trees, you are in good company. We are literally the best that Coral Springs has to offer.

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After a storm there always seems to be trees down, no need to worry. We offer emergency tree removal services.

The team at Coral Springs Tree Trimming is highly experienced in the removal of trees and stumps safely, efficiently and cost effectively. We have invested in top notch equipment to provide a quality service for our valued customers.

Do you have a large tree that is hanging over your home?

We offer complete tree removal services to take care of that for you.

Coral Springs Tree Trimming is dedicated in meeting all of our customers' needs by providing high quality skilled work with cost effective pricing options. We have been serving coral springs since 2009 and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon!

Our team has years of experience to get the job done right the first time and safely which means there's no more waiting around or risking your safety while trying to cut it yourself.

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Our Services

A tree surgeon cuts and trims a tree

Tree Trimming

When it comes to tree trimming, Coral Springs, Fl remains undefeated; we all but ensure it. Before our qualified arborists decide to trim a tree though, we check it out to see what areas need to be cut and what needs to stay. Afterward, we carefully do the trimming.

Usually, we only cut branches of less than 5cm in diameter or those that are very young. We also mainly aim for branches with weak V-shaped angles, retaining the strong ones. Ultimately, we want to maintain the healthy parts of your tree and promote further growth.

Man working on cutting uprooted tree blocking roads due to gusty wind

Tree Removal

As we said before, this option is usually pursued as a last resort. This can be attributed to the fact that it’s not easy to do. In fact, without the right equipment, training, and years of experience, most arborists can’t do it. Fortunately, members of our staff have all this and one more thing; sheer determination.
When removing a tree, we usually consider its height, diameter, location, and species. As a rule of thumb, the bigger and more inconveniently located the tree is, the more we will charge you to remove it. We always try to be fair in our pricing though. So if you’re looking for a good tree removal service, Coral Springs Tree Service Company is the best option for you.
Male operative loading branches into an industrial wood chipping machine

Wood Chipping

As part of tree care, Coral Springs Fl allows professionals to create wood chips, an undoubtedly amazing way to get rid of removed trees or trimmed parts. As such, using our heavy-duty chippers, we can create chippings for you that you can then use as mulch.
Our high-quality mulch can help your plants and trees grow quicker and healthier. Alternatively, we can take the mulch with us and use it elsewhere or donate it to community groups. Either way you go, that’s one positive step for the environment.

Emergency Tree Service

Has a tree ever accidentally fallen on your roof? Is a tree currently slumped over your fence? Well, worry not. This is where our emergency tree service comes in. Using our 24/7 hotline, you can reach us to help you out. We not only promise to get to your house quickly, but we also work hand in hand with your insurance company to get you the best price.
If there is one thing we constantly work towards, it is to avoid causing you more stress during such an emergency. So if you ever find yourself in such a situation, don’t hesitate to call our hotline!

Tree Planting

You see, we do more than just cut trees; sometimes we plant them too. Before we do the actual planting though, we help you identify the best species for your region. Moreover, we help you mark a good spot to grow the tree, considering factors like how much space is available and what property structures are nearby.

And when we get to the actual planting, we do it carefully and precisely, providing you with maintenance tips as we do so. Honestly, when it comes to tree planting, we are the best that Coral Springs has to offer.

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Why Us?

We put our customers first

Since we pride ourselves on being a customer-focused company, we are constantly looking for ways to make our clients’ lives easier. Not only do we customize our services to suit specific customers but we are also always seeking feedback that we can incorporate into our work.

We use state of the art equipment

In the spirit of continuous excellence, we always invest in the best equipment that money can buy. As such, we can take on the biggest and most difficult jobs effortlessly and flawlessly. However, using heavy equipment does come with one major downside; your landscape may not be entirely preserved

We work on different types of properties.

Not only are members of our staff highly trained, but they are also very professional. They arrive at appointments on time, are polite, and are extremely friendly. Ultimately, their sunny disposition is what makes it easy for them to relate with clients and find out what service specifications they desire.

We are professional.

Whether you need tree services done on a residential, commercial, or investment property, we can do it. No piece of property is too big or too small for us. After all, we are fully insured, licensed, and bonded.

Summer Garden Maintenance. Caucasian Gardener with Small Branch Trimmer Checking on Trees.

Tree Maintenance

Now that you’ve finally planted that tree you’ve always wanted, do you even know how to take care of it? How will you ensure it grows up healthy and strong? If you have no idea, don’t worry about it. We can do it for you. Our competent team of arborists has what it takes to take care of your tree from early development to maturity.

Whether this means doing a little pruning or even some maintenance before winter, we are the guys for you. Also, should your tree have any development issues, we will be the first to notice, leading to early treatment and recovery.

Stump Grinding

​I must say, stumps are very unattractive. They seem to just idly sit there, not doing much for your landscape. That’s why many people opt for our stump removal service. While we automatically remove stumps after removing any tree, we can also come to remove a stump created from a removal we didn’t participate in.

Whatever the case, our cool stump grinding machine allows us to grind down your stump without damaging your landscape. Although this is a tedious task, it isn’t too much for our arborists.

Tree stump in the forest